Made for You

Our only focus is making the utmost, top quality warm water wetsuits in the world for women. 

Small Batch Made

Our suits are designed in San Diego and Los Angeles then expertly sewn and crafted in a specialized southern Thailand factory managed by women adhering to ethical standards and practices for their team. We produce our suits in small batches for quality.

To start, we exclusively use 100% Japanese Yamamoto limestone neoprene, the lightest, stretchiest, most durable and eco-friendly rubber available.  This premium material enables our suits to comfortably and beautifully fit a wide range of women's bodies.  

Our suits are ergonomically cut for a woman's body to move freely - all for enhancing your experience doing whatever you love to do in water - from hunting down waves, splashing in the shallows with little ones, snorkeling, stand up paddling, wakeboarding, foiling, swimming or bodysurfing...


Japanese Yamamoto neoprene begins with natural limestone consciously mined from mountains in Japan then transformed into neoprene through a process environmentally softer compared to the mass produced petroleum based neoprene used for the majority of wetsuits worldwide.  

Yamamoto neoprene, grade #40, is currently the lightest, most flexible, stretchy, warm and strong neoprene on the market today, which is why many companies use this specific material for their top of the line men's suits.  Landy Wetsuits is the first company to use 100% Japanese Yamamoto limestone neoprene, grade #40, for women's warm water wetsuits.  Considering all of its qualities, this neoprene is the most lasting and sustainable wetsuit material available.  To increase the longevity of our suits, we never use smoothie or smooth skin panels.  Style, comfort, durability - it's simple, we only make the best wetsuits for your time in the water - you'll feel it!